FBB Pre-season: Year of the Palindrome

 jayhawk A few of you may recall that I closed out last season with the following statement: KU was the best 4–7 team in 2004. Well….to kick-off the countdown to the 05 season I will pick up where I left off and segue into my first FBB posting of the season. KU will move from 4-7 to 7-4 and will be bowl bound by season’s end.

Here’s my rationale. Coach Mangino stated in one, if not several, of his many preseason press outings that KU will win the games it should win. While a rather tired and predictable statement…. I believe I know what specifically he is speaking to. Yes he expects us to beat the Appalachian States on our schedule – this is a given – but also to find a way to close out games in the 4th quarter. That’s winning the games you should win.

Last year the Northwestern, Tech, and Texas late game losses can be attributed to a two areas – a lack of depth and and its impact on our ability to control the line of scrimmage in the 4th quarter. Giving up big plays late in the game (recall Tech 70 yard touchdown scamper, Vince converting a 4th and 18) was reoccurring theme in 2004. With both depth and experience on both side of the line addressed in the off-season look for KU to close out games and find their way into post season play.

To take it one step further….here is how I see it playing out:

  1. KU picks up its first three games as it should (note: all in Lawrence) – Florida Atlantic, Appalachian State, and Louisiana Tech. Record: 3-0.
  2. KU picks up an upset and goes 1 of 2 on the road in either Lubbock or Manhattan. The smart money is a win against ksu due to the off-season decimation of their defensive line. Tech is always difficult at home….though KU did pick up the W the last time they were in Lubbock. Record: 4-1.
  3. OU in Arrowhead and CU in Boulder may be out of reach. For now we will pass on this part of the schedule despite the fact that College Football News predicted a KU upset in Arrowhead. They also like mizzou over Texas in the conference. opener. Record: 4-3
    Side note — Should we pick up one of these and the two previous road games you can pencil us in as at least a share of Big XII North title.
  4. KU defines their season – picking up three of the next four – and I am noted as the grand poo-bah of all FBB prognosticators. mizzou, Nebraska, and Iowa St are all in Lawrence – and we take all three. Yes…we finally beat the Big Red Machine and the Wheel implodes with post-game activity. The KU game in Austin may be out of reach given that it is unlikely Texas will be looking past the Hawks at home. Record: 7-4.

There you have it….and you heard it here first. Now let’s see who has enough stones to outline their team’s 05 slate.


1 Response to “FBB Pre-season: Year of the Palindrome”

  1. August 29, 2005 at 4:40 pm

    With your popularity rating of 2%, my confidence isn’t excatly soaring.

    I predict the Jayhawks will lose one of the first 3 games due to the all of the palindrome pre-season pressue. That, and because they always do. Record 2:1. They will subsequently lose to KSU and the Pink Faiders. Record: 2:3. Anyone who predicts Mizzou over UT is out, so KU also loses to to OU and CU. Record: 2:5. Only pick up Mizzou and Iowa State down the stretch. Season-ending record 4:7. Again. But, look on the bright side – I just raised your popularity rating to 11%.

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