Taking My Web 2 for a spin

Yahoo’s My Web 2.0 — a competitive bookmarking service to del.icio.us — was recently released within the last 10 days and I decided to give it a go. I recently jumped on the del.icio.us bandwagon so I wasn’t giving too much up with a migration. Unlike others, I see the value in bookmarking what I consider utility sites (eg restaurant menus, physical therapy schedule, reviewing my bank account, checking the balance on my credit card) and not for everyday sites like kusports.com.

My gripe with del.icio.us, and what is addressed with My Web 2, is the ability to categorize the views for my bookmarks. I may not want the general public to have access to my credit card or banking urls. For these, I can limit the view to myself or maybe just Julie and I. With del.icio.us I was never comfortable including PII sites.

My gripe with My Web — one that mirrors my gripe with GMail – I found it difficult to transition services. Yahoo claims to support bookmark migration via RSS — though after several attempts I was only able to migrate the most recent bookmark added. From the My Web discussion boards….this is a common complaint.

Oh, I should mention, with this experiment I downloaded the Yahoo browser toolbar as opposed to using the bookmarklet. So far, I am pleased with the toolbar, relative to Google’s, though the authentication aspect leaves room for improvement.


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