A Shout out to the “the Peej”

For those of you that do not know my good friend “the Peej”, I extend his special brand of banter to you here in the form of his most recent email to me. Why? Because it should be shared with the world (whether he authorizes it or not). And, it provides third-party endorsement of my geek worship (with or without the bathing suit shot).

First of all, I have just visited Baker Galleries and have a few observations;
1. It’s very professional
2. It’s more professional than many revenue generating websites
3. As this has been created by Brent in his downtime, within the blissful first two years of marriage, is a concern to say the least
4. I have a problem that there are exactly Zero bathing suit shots in the Playa Del Carmen series
5. I was talking about Brent bathing suit shots in item #4
6. I must know the name of the hotel / resort in Playa Del Carmen (seriously)
7. Mint Julips – apparently – make Brent a very, very happy boy…very happy.

Finally, as always, I cannot resist a few sports predictions;
1. The Mets will prove once again that $$ alone cannot buy a winning tradition.
2. Barry Bonds will shrink in size approximately 15%-20% each of the next 3 years. In 2008 he will look like a 7th grader.
3. The Patriots will be brought to court for monopolistic practices. No one is in their league.
4. Hockey will be deemed totally irrelevant…wait, that happened in 1994.

I’m in London as I type this and it’s very late, so I’m going to bed.


Peej, you can now brag to your wife and kids that you have been published on the “She Said” blog. I also recommend leading with that on most MPMA cold calls. It’s a sure thing.


10 Responses to “A Shout out to the “the Peej””

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