Jayhawks Forsaken?

And she cried out in a loud voice, “My hawks, my hawks, lema sabachthani?’ Which loosely parsed from Latin means, “What in Phog’s name happened on that court today?” Where are the heroes that stepped up when Bruce Wayne Simien was out? Where is the 18-point Super Keith that stung the Yellow Jackets? Where was the one-two telepathic punch of Aaron Miles and Friends of Aaron Miles? The fire, the ice, the cracker? Wait a minute . . . the cracker . . . it’s so obvious now.

After Moody’s public announcement that he’d like to switch places with Spongebob Squarepants for a day, bad things mysteriously started to happen. The sprained ankle, the poor performance against Nebraska, and today’s 2-point walk of shame. It is Spongebob’s recent underwater antics, including but not limited to pro-gay propaganda as part of a children’s music video promoting tolerance, diversity, and most shocking of all . . . the family (collective gasp of horror). That’s right, folks, the family. Moody’s dream to play Spongebob, Spongebob’s alleged cunning attempt to promote homosexuality . . . along with his good friends “The Count” (oh, we saw that one from a mile away) and the sexually-questionable Snufalufagus (who isn’t picturing him in leather chaps right now?) . . . all adds up to one thing. Carl Rove’s post-inauguration attempt to ruin Christian Moody, and in so doing, the entire Jayhawks basketball organization. All just in time for the Jayhawks to land smack in the middle of the bible belt against the Baylor Bears next week . . . coincidence? Oh, I don’t think so.


1 Response to “Jayhawks Forsaken?”

  1. 1 Hammer
    January 24, 2005 at 5:36 am

    Yeah and what about Peppermint Pattie…??? She/He doesn’t really wear Birkenstocks and Marcie doesn’t really call her/him ‘Sir’ does she?

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