Blinky the Mole

After weeks of rain bringing newfound empathy for our friends further Northwest, thousands of blinky moles surfaced in California this past weekend. Brent and I squinted up at the sun in disbelief on Sunday for only a moment before packing up the dog (Atticus) in the Mini and heading up to Point Reyes. We picked up the Pattersons with their new fuzzy friend (Maxwell) and made haste for Bolinas Ridge Trail. As you might imagine after a three-week terenchal downpour, the trail was nothing short of a young pup’s mud-wrestling dream. Both dogs were blissfully sloppy within the first quarter mile. This was a day filled with the realization of pent-up puppy fantasies . . . Atticus was finally able to communicate with his cow friends face to face, and we all think the initial meeting went well (the family was spared a stampede, and for that we are grateful). Afterward, he and Max dozed in the back before engaging in an hour-long game of tug-of-war in the Patterson’s backyard. Truly a banner day.

Yesterday Atticus demanded a trip to the wine country, and we oblidged. A shout out to “Fool” for the Gloria Ferrar membership, which includes 4 complimentary glasses of champagne every time we visit (with the unreasonable restriction limiting us to only 2 visits per month . . . coming out to roughly 96 glasses per year . . . ish). So I’ve decided to allocate a generous 36% of those to my fabulous husband . . . with the potential to earn up to, but no more than 50% of the aforementioned bubbly. It’s a meritocracy here in the Baker household . . .


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