What the World Needs Now…..

…..is another voice or voices on the Web (aka InterWeb). But the residents of 715 Pages felt yet another creative outlet was in order…..so here we are. At this point you have noticed the dueling SheSaid HeSaid tabs. These blogs (what is a blog) are designed to take the banter between Julie and I to a larger audience. You, the viewer, have the opportunity to review, create an account, and comment on any blog posting that catches your attention.

Not all blogs will pit the two of us against one another. They will also include random thoughts, book and movie critiques, and a summary of a day’s events. In addition, we will use this space to announce new gallery postings – still the heart of thebakergalleries. Maybe these blogs will add the much needed soul????

So here we go. Check back early and often to see what new blogs have been posted. If you use an RSS Aggregator you can add the xml from both blogs to your aggregator of choice. I am looking for a way to also add our posts to myYahoo. And for you betting types….Vegas advises you put your money on the one with Y-chromosome.


2 Responses to “What the World Needs Now…..”

  1. 1 Blaine Baker
    January 17, 2005 at 10:53 pm

    Blog, Blog, Blog. What is an rss aggregator? Maybe the answers obvious and I should’nt post this – but that term never came up in the Band-Aid business. Any way, not quite sure how it’s gonna work, but I’m in.

  2. 2 RObert P
    January 19, 2005 at 11:37 am

    Let the mudslinging begin… And keep Abacus on a short leash… Why did you name your dog after a medieval ciphering device…? You did get Olivers’ name right though. He was the fat one, while Stan Laurel was always the scrawny sidekick. Peace,…the BH.

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